Our Services

Construction of New Buildings

Our main focus is the construction of new modern upmarket residential homes, beach holiday houses and cottages. Although building projects differ and each has its own demands, we can accommodate all types of building and construction. As new trends are created in the market, the needs of our customers change accordingly, thus we are always adapting.

With us you do not have to lose even one night’s sleep agonising about your dream home coming together. We take care of the complete construction process, the finishing touches up to the occupation certificate and the excitement of the ultimate presentation of the keys. This includes masonry, carpentry, framing, plumbing as well as roofing, electrical work, painting, tiling and paving. We make use of our own permanent team of around 50 skilled and dedicated artisans, as well as top quality subcontractors who share the same values and ethics of our company.

House Restorations

In the Still Bay, Jongensfontein, Riversdale areas many old historically significant buildings are situated in conservation areas. This means that these buildings may only be restored according to certain regulations as laid down by the municipal area in which they find themselves. Houses on the beach front of Son-en-See Beach in Still Bay West are situated in exactly such an area. During a restoration project the restoration process will not compromise the historic character of the house, but will restore it to its former beauty. We are proud of the restoration projects we have completed in this area.

Restoration work can be done for reasons other than historical significance. Particularly in coastal towns you might need restoration work on your holiday house to reverse decay that has developed over time. You might have experienced storm damage what with the severe wind gusts, heavy rainfalls or even lightning strikes. We have the means and expertise to help you restore your cherished abode.

House Renovations

There is no time like today to get started on those much needed renovations and repairs around your home. That dream kitchen or bathroom for dearly beloved, the indispensable braai room for yours truly, or that Granny flat for Mother-in-Law. Imagine the joy of having that extra bedroom, home office, or recreational room now that the kids are all grown up and bringing the grand-kids home. Not to mention your own luxurious, surround-sound home theatre with the wall size TV screen and comfortable reclining chairs…

We undertake any construction related residential alterations and home renovations, be it really comprehensive or rather insignificant. Whatever the scale of the project, we will deliver a quality product with the least inconvenience while the work is in progress as well as in the shortest time without sacrificing our distinct quality.

  • New Kitchens

    The kitchen, being the heart of the home, is the busiest area in the house what with meals being prepared while family members catch up on each other’s lives. Make sure your kitchen is practical as well as inviting and soft on the eye from the lighting down to the tiling, flooring, counters and tops, cupboards, fittings and colour schemes. While you are at it, you might as well want to go green and solar as well. Allow us to assist in making your dream kitchen a delightful reality.

  • New Bathrooms

    The bathroom is where you want to spend time having a long relaxing soak in a comfortable bath while the appearance of the room is as soothing as the warm water. If your bathroom is cramped and dark, it is time to expand the walls, bring in a new base coloured modern spa bath, shower, toilet and basin. Finished off with stylish tiles and fittings, taps, mirrors, towel rails and more. Since the geyser uses more electricity than any other appliance in your home, this is also your opportunity to install a solar geyser.

    We will be delighted to undertake this project for you. Keep in mind, though, that remodelling a bathroom is a very lengthy process and will inconvenience you until the project is finished.

  • Extensions on Existing Buildings

    Your house is your castle, no matter the size or age. But, as the family grows, the need for extra space grows proportionally. We would love to assist with single storey as well as multi storey extensions and loft conversions. At the coast building an apartment on top of a double garage can provide you with a welcome extra income if you rent it out to holiday makers. Our team could even build you a porch or deck, a braai-room or a Jacuzzi. There is literally no end to the possible extensions we can realise for you, our signature of perfection always showing. If a project requires skills outside of our team, we make use of trusted subcontractors offering the same high quality end result.

Small Projects

To us no project is too big or too trivial. We offer a wealth of experience and take a great deal of pride in our end product. Our pricing structure is competitive. Furthermore we keep appointments we have arranged with you, as well as offer free quotations.

  • Paving

    An attractive way to tidy up outdoor areas such as your driveway, patio, courtyard, or landscaped footpaths in your garden, is by paving the area. No need to be mowing the lawn on Saturdays when the rugby is on! We will gladly repair your existing paving, or lay new paving on your property. Our team is skilled and experienced in paving with different kinds of pavers such as tiles, bricks, interlocking concrete pavers and cobblestones, to name but a few.

  • Painting

    We believe that particularly in coastal towns like Jongensfontein and Still Bay where the buildings are almost constantly exposed to dampness and sea-winds, the exterior of your house should be painted every 5 years. The purpose would be to improve the appearance of the house as well as to protect it from damage by water, rust, corrosion, mould and insects. Instead of making use of a cheap labourer, we offer the services of professional painters that will see to all the preparatory work that accompanies a professional painting job. Prep-work such as scraping, sanding, filling nail holes, cleaning, taping and priming as well as waterproofing and damp-proofing.

  • Tiling

    Tiled floors as well as other tiled surfaces such as walls and tabletops are easier to maintain and keep clean. If you plan to tile your kitchen and bathroom floors and walls, and/or the floors of the entire house, the balcony and the patio, contact us for a professional, meticulously spaced and neatly finished off job. We work with all types of tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, earthen ware and terracotta tiles.

    Furthermore, tiling which is not done correctly, is a dreadful thing. Uneven tiling is unsightly and tiles that fall off the walls are dangerous. Our excellent tilers will gladly take care of this problem for you.

  • Decking

    Many a house-owner in coastal towns like Still Bay and Jongensfontein dream of having a wooden deck overlooking the sea. We are professional genies straight from Aladdin’s lamp, fulfilling dreams in our stride!

    Allow us enhance your house with a composite wood deck/balcony enclosed by a wooden or aluminium railing for safety. While you are at it, let us cover it with a canopy or pergola to control the sunlight. Imagine watching the whales and dolphins playing in the breakers from your own observation deck…

  • Cladding

    Particularly in coastal areas where dampness and sea-wind is almost a constant, extra protection of your property would be a great idea. Cladding, which is material applied over another to provide a skin, is a popular and attractive way, providing it is done professionally. Our company can provide professional cladding using wood, stone or other material, depending on the cladding you need done. In the Western Cape, Still Bay, Jongensfontein area, it is common for architects and designers to make use of sandstone natural to the area.

    Over and above improving the appearance of your house, cladding can provide some thermal insulation, weather resistance, protection against elements as well as the control of noise.